Customer Discovery Interview

The customer discovery interview is intended to provide insights about the real-world challenges experienced by our target market in the real world. The interview is not a sales or marketing pitch, but rather, a listening exercise to help us focus our offerings on solving these challenges.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals working in data analytics or process automation tasks, in medium-size and large organizations / companies in all sectors. The data they work with can be quantitative and/or qualitative. We are looking for individuals of varied skill sets:

  • expert data scientists using Python, R or similar languages, and accessing raw data in data lakes or warehouses
  • semi-technical users using drag & drop interfaces for general analytics, machine learning and visualization dashboards
  • consumer users using the analytics objects created by the experts and semi-technical users

What will we ask?

Participants will be asked to describe 2-3 scenarios where they encountered challenges using data. They will also be asked specific questions to help them describe different aspects of these challenges.

What is the interview format?

The interview will be done via secure video chat and it will be recorded.

How will we protect the privacy of participants?

The recordings will be kept private and securely stored until a report is compiled. Then, all recordings will be destroyed. The report will NOT include any personal information and will NOT be shared with anyone outside our company.