Egemen Bezci, PhD, Data Scientist

Egemen Bezci is a seasoned data scientist and a strategic thinker. At Novacene, Dr. Bezci performs practical and strategic development roles. As part of his practical contributions, Dr. Bezci co-leads the architecting of solutions to complex data and machine learning problems. His strategic contributions include the ongoing exploration of developments and the nurturing of relationships in areas of strategic importance for Novacene.

Prior to joining Novacene, Dr. Bezci spent his time in both academia and industry. In academic environments, Dr. Bezci researched climate change mitigation and economic development, international arms race risks and mitigation, and the increase of social and economics pressures faced by the European Union. In the industry environment, Dr. Bezci developed AI and NLP algorithms to increase operational efficiencies.

Dr. Bezci’s work appeared in academic and popular venues such as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, New Scientist, National Interest, War on the Rocks, and Stanford University Press, among others. His research received prestigious grants including ones from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the University of Nottingham Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence Scholarship.

Dr. Bezci received his PhD in Intelligence Studies at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.