René Bouchard

Rene Bouchard

René Bouchard brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software product management, IT service delivery, and Cybersecurity. Mr. Bouchard’s career includes roles as Director of Product Management for TELUS, VP of Business Development at KPMG-Egyde, a Cybersecurity-focused subsidiary of KPMG, and enterprise IT consulting for several public and private sector organizations across many industries.

At Novacene, Mr. Bouchard’s expertise contributes to the creation of AI-driven Cybersecurity products and services in response to the needs of the defence and security industry. To do this, Mr. Bouchard actively engages with government, academia, and industry partners to bring their voice to Novacene’s product roadmap. He also contributes his vision to the company’s R&D efforts in support of this strategic area.

Through Mr. Bouchard contributions, Novacene expects to help organizations leverage state-of-the-art technology, to ensure that the company’s value is in lockstep with the science and technology strategies of forward-thinking organizations, and to ensure that Novacene’s products meet the interoperability and security requirements of its most demanding customers.