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A technology-first company with technology-focused people at all levels and departments.

Why Work at NovaceneAI

Beautiful Offices

Office spaces designed to foster creativity and collaboration while also providing isolated spaces to focus when working on complex tasks.

Talented People

We rather have fewer but brighter people than paying attention to how many people work at the company.

Your Voice Matters

Because we hire best, it would be a shame for us not to hear what you have to say. We will listen and act on your feedback.

Clear Direction

NovaceneAI has a long-term strategic plan that allows us not to panic and change direction frequently. We believe that this is key to building a great company.

Ship Great Products

Our vision is to build the best products (not one-off solutions). And while we understand the importance of research, shipping great products is priority #1.

No Hype

Hype may help secure investment but creates disillusion inside the company, and ultimately, investors realize that there isn’t much behind the veneer.

No Office Politics

Nothing matters more to us than true talent and skill. If you are great at what you do, we will notice and you will be rewarded with unlimited growth opportunities.

Startup DNA

No big company lethargy, thick middle management layers or slow-moving decision-making. We are all about building real value for real clients and we do that by putting talent first.

Benefits and Perks

Work from Home

We care that you deliver what you committed to, not so much where you choose to work from.

Good Pay

We don’t want money to be the primary motivator, but we also don’t want you to have to take on other work to make ends meet.

Great Benefits

Money isn’t everything. We want to make sure you have some of the best health coverage available as well.

The Best Tech

We will give you the best tools money can buy. We never want you to be slowed down by crappy technology.

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