About Novacene

Our mission is to help organizations find insight hidden in data

AI Is Here to Transform Organizations. So Are We.

Artificial intelligence — or AI — has arrived, and its potential to transform organizations can be seen everywhere we look, from defence and cybersecurity to finance and insurance. But getting the most from AI requires a big effort to turn raw data into usable, accurate and actionable insights.

That’s where Novacene can help. We automate the process needed to go from data to value so that organizations can benefit from the full potential of AI.

Our Approach

We offer best-in-class machine learning algorithms, cloud infrastructure expertise, application design, and engineering excellence.

Solution Design

We use proven principles from design thinking and user experience design to build functional and modern solutions.

Cloud Architecture

We deploy a variety of services including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and others to power your solution.

Deep AI Expertise

We work with the market-leading open source AI, machine learning technologies, and service providers to offer you reliable solutions.


We use modern and powerful development frameworks to build clean, solid, and elegant web applications.

Join our team

A technology-first company with technology-focused people at all levels

Why Work at Novacene AI

At Novacene, our mission is clear: we’re focused on the future of AI. It’s this dedication that allows us to stay true to our core, and not chase the next big thing…because we’re already there.

Here are a few reasons to join our team:

Work with the brightest

Working with bright people keeps us sharp. We learn from them and they learn from us. We love large teams, but we love smart teams even more.

Grow your career

Because we hire best, it’d be a shame for us not to hear what you have to say. We’ll listen and act on your feedback. And if you develop valuable solutions, you’ll be rewarded with unlimited growth opportunities.

Ship great products

Our #1 priority is to build the best products. We much prefer demoing a working prototype than showing a PowerPoint presentation. We are doers.

Have fun with the future

AI is the future of business and we’re already taking part. Help us build the future by helping forward-thinking clients design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge solutions.

Open positions


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Quantum Computing Specialist - NovaceneAI is looking for a Quantum Computing Specialist to join its engineering team. As a quantum computing specialist, you will… Read More »Quantum Computing Specialist
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Front End Engineer - NovaceneAI is looking for a front end web developer. The ideal candidate has a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering,… Read More »Front End Engineer
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Business Development

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