The unstructured data processing platform

The NovaceneAI™ Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the process of turning raw unstructured data into actionable insights, helping you optimize your operations and deliver more value.

How it works

A friendly analyst experience combined with the flexibility of a modern API


Load your unstructured data

Apply AI

Apply one or many AI enrichers


Export the organized data

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Train your own AI

The platform gets smarter as you use it

The NovaceneAI Platform offers you the advantage of training custom models—which yield results that reflect your organization’s own nomenclature and are therefore more successful at integrating with existing your business processes. This ability to train your own custom models also allows you to leverage valuable data you may already have, including data that might contain important insight about what sets you apart from your competitors.

You can also retrain models on an ongoing basis, ensuring the the platform gets smarter over time. Training custom models can be done via the web-based interface and requires no specialized knowledge.

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Break down data silos

Facilitate collaboration across the analytics organization

Multidisciplinary data teams use the NovaceneAI Platform to orchestrate efforts around the curation, categorization and enrichment of unstructured data.

A fully configurable environment

Fully configurable for technical users

Flexible deployment modalities

The platform is offered through a SaaS subscription. The platform is deployed in single-tenant mode in the Novacene cloud, which means that your data is physically isolated from other customers’ data. On-premise deployments are available.


Your needs drive our roadmap

The platform is focused on a handful of highly-specialized tasks. We collaborate with our customers constantly, strengthening our technology and providing them with ever more accuracy, speed, and functionality.


Whichever your function, you will benefit

Executives: Deliver more value to the business

Free up highly-skilled labor from maintenance tasks so they can focus on value creation of a higher order.

  • Empower teams with ready-made algorithms
  • Free up data scientists and data engineers
  • Create more value for the business

Data Scientists: Automate menial tasks

Stop wasting time on menial work and shift your focus to innovative initiatives.

  • Leverage our advanced unsupervised ML models
  • Let our algorithms handle low-value tasks
  • Focus on building ML using structured data

Data Engineers: Extract features from text

Automate data pre-processing jobs and flow more data to the data warehouse faster than ever before.

  • Integrate our algorithms into your data pipeline
  • Use built-in models or train them with your own data
  • Modern and flexible RESTFul API

Developers: Enhance your apps with AI

Integrate AI into your product with a flexible API and forget about maintaining ML models.

  • Your own dedicated cloud environment
  • Process and enrich data through API calls
  • Focus on your product and not on ML infrastructure

The NovaceneAI Platform simplifies the integration of ML models into data pipelines through a single API.

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Give analysts an intuitive and friendly interface

Screenshot of NovaceneAI Platform Dashboard
Friendly and intuitive for analysts

How the NovaceneAI Platform facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration

Modern data analytics requires tight-knit collaboration between domain experts and data scientists. These teams come from very different backgrounds and lack a common language that unifies them across the expertise divide. In the case of AI and machine learning, this collaboration is especially difficult due to the complex nature of the technology. The NovaceneAI Platform provides a common space where these diverse experts can collaborate, creating a levelled playing field and closing the expertise gap.

Learn more about how the NovaceneAI Platform facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration.

The current challenge

interdisciplinary collaboration
Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential but difficult


The proposed alternative

Our proposed approach is to enable business users to leverage the power of AI and machine learning in a more direct way. The NovaceneAI Platform provides subject matter experts with built-in machine learning models, shifting the power from technical teams to business users.

The Novacene Way
The Novacene way

One-click reporting

The platform generates reports automatically to help you instantly visualize the insights. All you need to do is visit the dashboard, and a set of visualizations will be shown in real time.

Screenshot of NovaceneAI Platform Dashboard
Friendly and intuitive for analysts

Unlimited flexibility that is easy to use

The platform’s intuitive user experience gives you total flexibility to choose the type of analysis you wish to apply to your data. All controls are visually-driven and there is zero code to write.

Fully customizable for technical users

Research analysts: dig deeper into the data

Deliver accurate insight to your clients with faster and unbiased qualitative analysis.

  • Automatically code open-ended survey responses
  • Identify themes, and categorize sentiment and opinions
  • Visualize the results and obtain insights instantly

Marketing analysts: track brand sentiment

Get a clearer picture by tapping into the data you already collect but cannot access.

  • Turn unstructured text into quantitative metrics
  • Analyze social media and survey data in one place
  • Deliver results to your clients faster than ever before

Regulators & investigators: don’t miss a beat

Strengthen investigations and enforce compliance by monitoring suspicious activity online.

  • Monitor several channels at once
  • Detect malicious activity early
  • Extend enterprise search systems

Intelligence analysts: OSINT at your service

Add AI to your OSINT toolkit, monitor social media, and detect influence operations early.

  • Detect disinformation and misinformation campaigns
  • Detect troll activity
  • Spot bots amplifying malicious messaging

Learn more about text analytics

The NovaceneAI Platform is saving us 200 hours of work per month. We can now use that time to work on a backlog of tasks.


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Platform features

Ingestion: bring your own data or fetch from the web

Process your own data

Transmit data in the most convenient way to you. Extract text from unstructured files.

  • Transmit data via API calls or upload via the web UI
  • Upload CSVs for bulk processing
  • Extract text from MS Office documents, PDFs and images

Fetch from open data sources

Monitor online sources or extend your own datasets with open data.

  • Fetch from Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit
  • Run web searches from within the platform
  • Fetch from web sources using a built-in scraper

Intelligent transformation: go beyond simple ETL

Apply AI and machine learning algorithms to extract features and enrich your text data. Use built-in ready-to-use models or train your own.

Built-in models

Get started immediately with fine-tuned algorithms that combine state-of-the-art and proprietary technology.

  • Clustering & classification
  • Theme & keyword extraction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Term Frequency Analysis
  • NER, semantic search, translation & more

Custom models

Bring your own labelled data and train one of our many state-of-the-art algorithms.

  • Train and save your own models
  • Train via web-based UI or API calls
  • Retrain models as often as you need
  • Choose from a variety of trainable models
  • Inference speed and accuracy at your fingertips

Disseminate: on-platform visualizations and unrestricted data exports

Visualize insight right within the platform

Explore the insight with a built-in qualitative data visualization dashboard.

  • Automatically-generated visualizations
  • Customize dashboards using drag & drop
  • Save and share reports

Send processed data back to your stack

Export and save the cleaned and organized data back into your data stack.

  • Fetch processed data via API call
  • Export processed data from the web UI
  • Take your data back to your data stack

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