NovaceneAI Platform

Automate the conversion of data into actionable insight

What is the NovaceneAI Platform

Analysts, subject matter experts and businesspeople alike use NovaceneAI to get to accurate, actionable insight. By automating the process to ingest, structure, enrich and visualize data, anyone can get the answers they need, quickly. Data scientists also benefit by having the platform automate much of their grunt work and freeing them to work on what really matters.

Benefits for Business Users

Like with any other business technology, AI and machine learning requires teams from very different backgrounds to collaborate in the pursuit of a common objective. In the case of AI and machine learning however, this collaboration is especially difficult due to the nature of the technology.

Current Situation

Currently, integrating AI and machine learning into business processes requires business users and data scientists to collaborate closely. Since business users and data scientists come from very different backgrounds, this collaboration is often time consuming and expensive.


Proposed Alternative

Our proposed approach is to enable business users to leverage the power of AI and machine learning in a more direct way. The NovaceneAI Platform provides subject matter experts with built-in machine learning models, shifting the power from technical teams to business users.

Benefits for Developers

The NovaceneAI platform simplifies the integration of machine learning models into products and business operations. Developers can access several different models through a single API call. The application manages requests and rate limits, and sends back the response as a JSON payload.

Platform Features


All your data in one place

  • Single- or multi-tenant cloud, or on-prem
  • Completely safe, secure and private
  • Plug in databases, warehouses and data lakes
  • Upload files including PDF, CSV
  • Fetch data from websites
  • Stream data from IoT devices


Digitize unstructured data

  • Intelligent document processing using computer vision to recognize document objects
  • Speech recognition to convert audio recordings to structured data


Enrich data with AI and machine learning

  • Analyze sentiment and emotions
  • Classify and forecast using built-in predictive analytics functions
  • Plug in your own machine learning models
  • Plug in open data sources to further enrich your datasets


Visualize data with interactive dashboards

  • Build dashboards using drag & drop
  • Visualize data and the performance of your machine learning models
  • Save and share reports publicly or privately

Automate business processes based on your data

  • Define if-then-else actions without code
  • Automate the personalization of client interactions
  • Automate the distribution of tasks based on rules

Platform Overview

NovaceneAI Platform Overview

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