Automate the organization of unstructured data

The NovaceneAI Platform™ uses artificial intelligence to transform unstructured data into advanced insights.

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80% of Your Data is Inaccessible

Organizations are making crucial decisions using a fraction of data

80% of all data must be processed and organized before it can be mined for insight. While there is no shortage of data management solutions, organizing unstructured data remains challenging even for mature data-driven organizations. Data professionals spend almost 50% of their time on this menial task and away from truly innovative initiatives. The NovaceneAI Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically organize unstructured data.

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Empower Data Teams

Free up data infrastructure teams and empower business analysts

Data Engineers and Data Scientists have complete control over the platform through a flexible RESTFul API and a powerful interface. The platform also provides a friendly web-based user experience for Business Analysts.

Unstructured Data Processing Platform
Fully configurable for technical users
Unstructured Data Processing Platform
Friendly and intuitive for Analysts
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Success Stories

What customers are saying

Advanced Symbolics

Advanced Symbolics organizes over 6 million tweets using the NovaceneAI Platform.

We are processing 200K records a day using NovaceneAI without needing to recruit, hire, and invest in more engineering resources. The Platform is working so well, we are designing it into our self-service product, AskPolly™”

Kenton White, PhD.

Chief Scientist


ListedTech reduced data processing workload by 70% and reinvested savings into higher value-creating work.

“We have been able to process almost three times the amount of data we used to do manually thanks to Novacene. All in all, we have been able to save about $10,000 a month that we would have otherwise spent on data entry

Justin Menard


Workload reduction

ROI in the first year

Reallocated to innovation

Your Data is Kept Safe & Secure

A Dedicated & Fully Encrypted Environment

The NovaceneAI Platform transmits and stores data using industry-leading encryption. Data in-transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2-1.3 and data at-rest is encrypted using AES-256 encryption or better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the NovaceneAI Platform deployed within our organization? The platform is provisioned in a dedicated cloud environment on the service provider and region of your choice. As a single-tenant solution, you can rest assured that your data is not co-mingled with the data of any other client.

How much data is required to take advantage of the NovaceneAI Platform? There is no minimum amount of data required to take advantage of the Platform. Most of the algorithms work with any amount of data.

We do not have data science expertise in-house. Can I still use the NovaceneAI Platform? Yes. An important part of our mission is to provide a tool that is easy-to-use, and that does not require a data science background.

What guarantees do I have that the NovaceneAI Platform will work for my organization? We provide a pilot program designed to test the application with your data and configured to your needs.

What types of organizations and industries do you generally work with? We work with a variety of organizations, from government departments to startups. We provide services to clients in many industries including Market Research, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Journalism, Real Estate, and more.

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