AI Solutions for Business

Businesses of all sizes can leverage AI to improve outcomes and reduce costs

What We Do

We help organizations implement AI-based solutions to increase their competitiveness and value to their customers. We do this by using machine learning technology to automate repetitive tasks so organizations can redirect efforts to higher value-creating activities. We also help our clients turn data into assets that they can monetize and use to differentiate their products and services.

Professional Services

The expertise you need to get the most out of your solution


Predictive Analytics

“Codify” your business activities — and test before you launch — to see how different processes have different effects on your metrics.


Deploy tools to enable human + machine collaboration, or automate completely the most repetitive tasks.


Our Approach

We offer best-in-class machine learning algorithms, cloud infrastructure expertise, application design, and engineering excellence. Did we mention that we’re also really nice?

Solution Design

We use proven principles from design thinking and user experience design to build functional and modern solutions.

Cloud Architecture

We deploy a variety of services including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and others to power your solution.

Deep AI Expertise

We work with the market-leading open source AI, machine learning technologies, and service providers to offer you reliable solutions.


We use modern and powerful development frameworks to build clean, solid, and elegant web applications.

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For Startups

Integrate AI into your product. AI could help predict outcomes, identify patterns, automate repetitive tasks or enrich your data and the value you deliver to customers. Learn more about integrating AI into your product.

Save on technology costs. We help startups roll out their own AI and machine learning solutions using open source, so they can reduce technology licensing costs.

For Research Teams

Faster and unbiased qualitative analysis. Using natural language understanding and data mining algorithms, we help analysts identify themes and categorize sentiment and opinions. Learn more about text analysis.

For Sales Teams

Spend time building relationships, not managing your CRM. Let AI score your leads by grouping prospects by the likelihood of becoming customers.

Automate your marketing campaigns with communications that get automatically sent to the right people, at the right time and based on their behaviour.

For Operations Teams

Digitize and transcribe physical documents automatically, making data easier to access and interpret by using computer vision technology.

Find information across silos using cognitive search powered by natural language understanding technology.

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For Web Publishing Teams

Automate the conversion of unstructured documents to accessible web content using intelligent document processing technology.

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For Utilities Companies

Improve distribution system planning, asset replacement planning, and billing error prevention through advanced analysis of your source system data to better inform decision making in the electrical distribution and transmission business units.

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For Banks

Achieve faster turnaround on loan applications with an Intelligent Document Processing solution that leverages AI, computer vision technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to extract, digitize, categorize and process applicants’ financial statements.