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Udson Cabral Mendes, PhD
Quantum Computing

Udson Cabral Mendes serves as Team Leader, Quantum Computing, at CMC Microsystems.

After completing his PhD in Physics at the University of Campinas in Brazil, Udson started a postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris (2014 – 2016), then became a Prize postdoctoral fellow at the Institut Quantique at the Université de Sherbrooke (2016-2019).

In 2021, Udson joined CMC to leverage his expertise to develop quantum computer applications that will benefit not only CMC’s partners but also Canada’s quantum tech sector and universities. Currently, he manages CMC’s quantum computing activities ranging from the development of quantum algorithm solutions to quantum hardware fabrication services.

Udson’s research has been focusing on the development of quantum technologies ranging from quantum hardware (superconducting qubits, spin qubits, microwave amplifiers) to quantum algorithms. His findings were published in prestigious journals such as Nature and Science.