ListedTech reduced manual data processing workload by 70%

AI automation

The NovaceneAI Platform enables a market research and data company redirect spend from repetitive tasks to higher value-creating work.

ListedTech is an Educational Technology (EdTech) Market Research firm that tracks systems used in education with a mission to help colleges, universities and EdTech companies leverage data to understand the world of education, better.


ListedTech urgently needed to clean its data records collected from the internet, which were often disorganized, unstructured and untrustworthy. Prior to Novacene, ListedTech was investing significant resources to clean approximately 60,000 records collected per day, using mainly manual processes and costing the business enormous amounts of time and costs each month. Finally, ListedTech was concerned it was losing a significant amount of valuable data each day due to possible human error.

Given that ListedTech’s main priority was to preserve good records collected from the internet and reduce the number of records containing information that would skew its market insights reports, they turned to the NovaceneAI Platform to streamline their data cleansing process.


Novacene approached the solution in two phases:

In phase one, Novacene analyzed ListedTech’s current data extraction process and tailored the platform’s algorithms to match their business need with respect to scraping data off the internet when conducting market research.

In phase two, ListedTech’s development team integrated their data ingestion pipeline with the NovaceneAI Platform to automate the processing of 60,000+ daily records. This enabled ListedTech to continuously ingest and annotate data using Novacene and to obtain clean, accurate and trustworthy records from relevant websites on the internet.

Finally, the data entry team’s manual workload was reduced by approximately 70%, saving the business tens of thousands of dollars each month on data processing costs.


ListedTech reports…

  • 70% reduction in bottlenecks in data processing, annotation and cleansing
  • 3X the number of daily records they used to otherwise do manually

“We have been able to process almost three times the amount of data we used to do manually thanks to NovaceneAI. All in all, we have been able to save and reinvest tens of thousands of dollars per month that we would have otherwise spent on data entry.”

Justin Menard, CEO, ListedTech