AI for Mystery Shopping

Understand everything your mystery shoppers have to tell you

Holistic analysis of shopper feedback

Dive deep into the wealth of information provided by mystery shoppers

Our platform allows you to analyze your unstructured text alongside your quantitative data, offering a unified view. Discover patterns, trends, and actionable insights, ensuring every shopping experience evaluated becomes an opportunity for growth.

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Interactive dashboard visualizations

Visual representation can communicate complex data more succinctly

Convert raw feedback data into intuitive visual reports. Make your findings more accessible and understandable for stakeholders, allowing for informed decision-making.

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Advanced NLP techniques for qualitative feedback

Mystery shoppers provide rich qualitative data

Our custom NLP techniques and analysis tools gauge the themes and emotions behind every piece of feedback. Understand not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’—how shoppers felt, ensuring a richer grasp of customer experiences.

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Time-efficient reporting

Gone are the days of manually sifting through mountains of data

Generate reports in a fraction of the time. Speed up your reporting process, enabling quicker actions and responses to findings.

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Integration of external data

Blend your mystery shopping data with sales figures, customer reviews, and more

Blend your mystery shopping data with other metrics for a comprehensive analysis. Gain a 360-degree view of store performance, leading to a holistic approach to improvement strategies.

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Why choose NovaceneAI?

Mystery shopping companies are evolving, and so are the tools they need. With Novacene AI, you’re not just getting a data analysis platform; you’re gaining a partner committed to enhancing the precision, speed, and clarity of your insights.

IntelliShop, a customer experience research and advisory firm, is gaining newer and faster insights from its mystery shopper reports after partnering with NovaceneAI.

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