NovaceneAI Platform vs. Amazon Comprehend

The ML models provided by cloud service providers are designed to target a large set of generic use cases. This makes it difficult for these models to meet the type of nuanced use cases that your organization might be facing. The comparison below is based on specifications for Topic Modelling use cases. Facts are derived from usage of the services as well as information published by Amazon.

NovaceneAI Platform

NovaceneAI Platform

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend

Premium models
Advanced algorithms based on state of the art models

Standard models
Latent dirichlet allocation-based learning model

Works with any dataset
From very small to very large datasets

Needs large datasets
Needs at least 1,000 cases

Analyze any text
Works with short texts

Optimized for long documents

Works with AWS, MS Azure, GCP & more

Optimized for AWS
Such as Amazon S3

Fixed price
Price remains predictable at all times

Variable price
Metered price means you never know how much you will spend

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