Turn Paper into Insight

Convert paper-based forms into data, visualize the insight and take action


  • Improve customer satisfaction by addressing service weaknesses
  • Understand the sentiment, tone and emotion of customer comments
  • Enrich the data with additional context
  • Review the insights in an easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Share reports internally or publish them on your website
  • Save on data entry costs and reduce errors

How it works

  • Upload your paper forms (you can upload PDFs or Image files)
  • The application converts the content into structured data
  • Comments are enriched with sentiment and emotion
  • The enriched content is further processed to increase quality
  • The insight is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • You can share the reports with co-workers

Uncover opportunities to improve specific areas of your business

Transcribe physical documents and understand the factors that impact your customer experience

  • Process hundreds or thousands of forms at once
  • Automatically convert handwritten comments into structured data
  • Enrich comments with sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Visualize the findings using an interactive, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Share professional-looking reports with co-workers
Web publishing team working through code

Convert scanned documents into accessible web content

Produce accessible, web-ready documents from a variety of content sources including PDFs and images

  • Process documents in bulk
  • Automatically classify images, tables, charts, etc.
  • Automatically tag images with ALT tags and other accessibility tags
  • Review and correct inaccuracies
  • Export web-ready content as HTML5
Entrepreneur preparing shipment

Digitize financial reports and achieve faster turnaround on applications

Process Word, PDF, Excel, and scanned documents. Normalize across non-fixed nomenclatures, and flow the structured data to other tools

  • Process multiple document formats
  • Apply your own data integrity rules
  • Push data back to your warehouse or downstream processes and tools