Beyond Social Listening: How the NovaceneAI Platform Extracts Key Product Insights from Online Reviews

Online reviews

Argyle PR, a leading corporate communications agency, partnered with NovaceneAI to extract insights to help their client improve their product.

Research is a crucial element of any successful business.

It reveals essential information for a company: for example, what consumers think of their products, what they’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong. But it can also be time consuming, come with a hefty price tag, and might not tell the full story.

Argyle PR takes a more innovative approach. The corporate communications agency recently partnered with NovaceneAI to develop a proprietary method of analyzing and quantifying online customer sentiment – offering their client efficient, highly accurate results backed by real-time data that’s at the cutting-edge of what’s currently available in the market.

Finding the right tool

Andrew Blanchette, Argyle’s senior director of data intelligence, says the agency chose to partner with Novacene when they were asked to provide in-depth analysis of significant amounts of data in short order.

He says the client wanted to focus on websites that feature product reviews – including Amazon, Google Play, and Apple’s AppStore – to understand what customers were saying.

“We needed a system that could understand and analyze big datasets quickly,” he says. “There was no real system for us to quickly analyze the language data we were gathering with enough detail. The NovaceneAI platform had some unique features that stood out against others in the field that allowed us to go deeper and understand the data in a way that was quick, efficient, and accurate.”

The platform allowed Blanchette’s team to gather thousands of pieces of feedback and extract information – such as pain points, and themes from positive and negative feedback about their client’s product – in as little as a couple of hours.

“Without Novacene’s platform, we would have had to do it manually. We would have a team go through it, and manually analyze it. It would normally top 30 hours of work,” he says.

Marcelo Bursztein, founder and CEO of NovaceneAI, says he feels fortunate to work alongside forward-thinking firms committed to using innovative solutions to help their clients.

“Our teams work hard to provide agencies like Argyle the most up-to-date AI tools to transform unstructured data into advanced insights. It is this kind of innovation-focused partnerships with smart data intelligence teams that keep us focused on what matters to our customers,” says Bursztein.

Data-driven results

Blanchette says the platform helped the team give their client a deeper understanding of what customers thought of their product – turning online sentiment into data points to help them make future decisions.

While his team had access to software that can help analyze data, it is limited in its capabilities. Blanchette says Novacene’s platform was able to tap into data that lived outside of social media, and, had cutting-edge capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP) and clustering based on themes or topics.

NLP, he says, played a crucial role in helping categorize responses that had two different sentiments – for example, “the acting was good, but the movie was too long.”

“This feature was really helpful, and allowed us to flourish,” Blanchette says.

He adds that Argyle was an early user of the platform’s new GPT function. Through Novacene’s new GPT implementation, Arygle’s data intelligence team was able to efficiently deliver answers to their client’s specific questions about the data – for example, listing the top three complaints.

“We loved it,” says Blanchette, adding that the GPT tool and platform were highly accessible and very easy to use. “It was very easy to upload and enrich the dataset that we were working with. It was seamless.”

Extracting meaningful insights for public relations

Blanchette believes there has been an “historic void” of meaningful metrics, that can be delivered quickly, within the public relations sector.

“Communications and public relations has been completely void of meaningful measurement for a long time. It’s your classic gut feel industry,” he says.

However, he notes that Argyle uses social media – among other sources – to collect data that helps inform clients’ strategies and decisions.

“If you’re working with a client who doesn’t have unlimited budgets, and who needs something quickly, more sophisticated social media analysis has filled the void for that quantitative aspect,” Blanchette explains.  

While using social media data is a step in the right direction, he says that it’s not always the best indicator of reality.

“Social media is not an exact reflection of real life, so you’re over-indexing the limited data you do have,” he says. “With social media, you’re taking a fraction of a fraction of what the actual conversation is, and making it seem like it’s telling the whole story when it’s not.”

Their client, for example, noticed that social media and online reviews were telling two different stories – which is why they wanted to focus on reviews and feedback to collect information on the public’s opinion of their product.

“We had a partner who shared our thoughts in terms of branching out of social and traditional media analysis for their decision-making,” Blanchette says.

Robert Gemmill, who leads the Argyle’s reputation, risk, and advisory team, says that Argyle’s partnership with Novacene marks a starting point in re-shaping how the industry measures and quantifies a brand’s reputation – as well as helping them make data-driven decisions with a wealth of data leveraged outside of social media.

“Utilizing more data sources, and interpreting that data the right way, is the only way forward to provide the best insights possible for every client. That’s what makes our approach – and Novacene’s approach – distinct from others in the industry,” Gemmill says.