Text Analysis: Understand sentiment, topics and tone without coding

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Natural Language Processing helps subject matter experts reduce the amount of time they spend analyzing text. Some of the best tools however require engineers to set up and configure. This dependency on IT delays projects because of competing priorities.

When it comes to analyzing text like user comments, product reviews, or customer feedback, there is no shortage of tools. For example, IBM Watson provides a suite of natural language understanding tools. Google’s Perspective detects threatening and abusive language. These tools are remarkably good at what they do. Their accuracy improves constantly and they do save analysts’ time.

While the purpose of these tools is to benefit analysts, the reality is that they require IT to set them up. For example, if you wanted to analyze sentiment on a set of customer feedback text, you will need to:

  • Register a developer account, an application and an API key; and
  • Write code to send your data to the tool and extract the results.

While step 1 could be done by anyone with enough time to figure out how to provide the required information, step 2 definitely requires familiarity with software development tools and processes.

What’s more, if an analyst wanted to not only extract sentiment but also detect whether a comment is threatening or abusive, they would need to go through these steps twice, once for each of the services.

1-Click Text Analysis

Our mission is to enable subject matter experts without a software development background to leverage the power of AI directly. This mission grew out of us witnessing how non-technical SMEs struggled to convey their needs to technical teams. So, we wanted to make it easy for SMEs to use sophisticated tools, much like how they use Microsoft Word or Excel.

The text analysis functions of the NovaceneAI platform makes it easy for analysts to:

  • Load their text data
  • Add sentiment labels (positive, negative or neutral)
  • Detect threatening and abusive language
  • Organize text into different topics or categories
  • Train their own machine learning models to tailor the analysis to their domain-specific use cases, and
  • Create visually-appealing reports and download the analyzed data.

We designed the NovaceneAI platform to provide an intuitive user experience. There is zero code to write and everything can be done through an easy-to-use interface. And of course, our team is available to help if you don’t have time to get things done in-house.

Get in touch for a live demo of how the NovaceneAI platform can help your organization turn data into insight.