Market Research

Analyze your own data and open sources like social media, online reviews, and more. Identify themes and categorize sentiment and opinions faster than ever before.


Systematic decision making. Use AI and ML to learn from past expert decisions and suggest the way forward. Assist analysts with automated smart data enrichments that suggest recommended actions, bringing consistency to their workflows.

Image of an analyst looking at information

Online reviews

Go beyond social listening. Identify specific strengths and weaknesses of products (including those of competitors) by analyzing online reviews

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Integrate AI into your product with a flexible API. Focus development efforts on building differentiated technology. Use our API to integrate ready-made algorithms into your app.

Data pre-processing automation

Automate the pre-processing of text data using AI and Machine Learning. Free up busy data engineers and scientists to work on innovation-focused tasks.

Defence and intelligence

AI-powered OSINT analysis. We facilitate the analysis of open source data using proprietary AI algorithms to extract relevant insights. Learn more about how our algorithms can help analyze text data at scale.