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Integrate AI into your product with a flexible API

How we help

We help software development teams integrate AI into their applications. With a simple API, developers can integrate ready-made algorithms or train custom models to fit their use cases.

Case studies

Simplify the integration of AI into your product

Novacene helps a marketing research firm focus on building differentiated AI technology

The company was able to:

  • Integrate Natural Language Processing algorithms into their data pipeline
  • Train custom Machine Learning algorithms
  • Operationalize models using AI-as-a-Service

The platform is working so well, we are designing Novacene into our forthcoming, self service product.


Benefits for developers

The NovaceneAI platform simplifies the integration of machine learning models into products and business operations. Developers can access several different models through a single API call. The application manages requests and rate limits, and sends back the response as a JSON payload.