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Categorizing multilingual open-ended survey responses and social media comments using Natural Language Processing

A technical overview of our approach to overcoming the challenges of unsupervised text classification. Text Classification is a very popular and well explored research and application area in machine learning. There are more and more sophisticated ways to classify text… Read More »Categorizing multilingual open-ended survey responses and social media comments using Natural Language Processing

Quantum Computer

Democratizing Quantum AI

NovaceneAI collaborates with CMC Microsystems to bring the power of quantum computing to business users through an easy-to-use interface. Big Data Needs Big Computers For years now, the cloud made it possible for subject matter experts to take advantage of… Read More »Democratizing Quantum AI

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Harvesting Insights from Text

How natural language processing can enable a broader understanding between governments and citizens. Digital technologies can help us collaborate… Social media, online consultations, discussion forums and online surveys provide researchers with a massive source of qualitative data. These technologies are… Read More »Harvesting Insights from Text

From ENIAC to Quantum

The user interface brings new technologies to the masses. It happened over and over throughout computer history. AI, machine learning, quantum and future technologies will be no exceptions. Every New Technology Starts as User-Unfriendly Maybe it is because it’s been… Read More »From ENIAC to Quantum

Automating Customer Feedback Analysis

A solution that combined computer vision, sentiment analysis and visualization technologies to automate the extraction of insight from customer feedback forms.

Machine Learning Engineer

NovaceneAI provides AI and machine learning solutions to business clients. We develop an online platform and we provide custom solutions. We are looking for well-rounded machine learning engineer (Python) with the following experience: Using a variety of machine learning libraries… Read More »Machine Learning Engineer