Business Development Representative

Novacene AI Corp (NovaceneAI™) is looking for a Business Development Representative (BDR) to join its team. As an early BDR in a tech-focused company, this is a rare opportunity for the right candidate to join in this role and to quickly grow into more strategic roles within the company.


Your objective is to book qualified discovery calls that turn into opportunities which will lead to sales of subscriptions and licenses of the NovaceneAI™ Platform (the “Product”), our flagship product. For added clarity, qualified in this context means that the prospect is interested in seeing a demo. You will not be required to close the deals—that will be management’s responsibility.

As a BDR of a dynamic start-up, we expect you to:

  • Think creatively and laterally on how to position and articulate the value that the Product provides, both in existing sectors where the company already sells the Product, as well as new sectors with previously unidentified needs.
  • Provide input on the processes and tools needed to help you achieve your objective.
  • Work independently and under a low level of supervision.
  • Be resourceful to overcome challenges that stand between you and your objective.
  • Be committed to, and take pride in, your role at the company.
  • Demonstrate a high work ethic by dedicating the time and effort necessary to succeed at the role.
  • Demonstrate friendly, professional, and crisp communication skills, both written and verbal.

Specific objectives during the first two (2) months:

  • Introduce yourself to the team and provide weekly updates on your progress.
  • Complete a deep dive to understand the product thoroughly.
  • Research and pinpoint Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs) and use-cases.
  • Become familiar with the company’s sales tools. If additional tools are necessary, articulate ROI for bringing the additional tools.
  • Perform outreach and networking including cold emailing and cold calling, assist in the development, scheduling, and facilitating of webinars; and attend relevant events.
  • Book your first few discovery calls.


We offer competitive salary, equity via Employee Stock Option Plan, health benefits, paid vacation, flexible working hours, option to work from home.

How to Apply:

Send your resume and optionally, a brief explanation of why you would want to work at NovaceneAI.