Head of AI and Machine Learning

NovaceneAI is looking for an experienced technical expert to lead the AI and Machine Learning Unit.

The ideal candidate has an advanced degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Mathematics, Statistics or related field; or comparable professional experience.

This role reports to the CEO and is expected to collaborate closely with the heads of other Units.


You have demonstrable experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Using machine learning to predict outcomes and gain insights into behavioural patterns and trends
  • Preparing data, building and training models, putting models into production, and monitoring
  • Programming chatbots, performing semantic analysis, natural language processing, natural language understanding, speech recognition, text-to-speech, rule-based pattern matching
  • Working with predictive analytics
  • Automating repetitive tasks and increasing the efficiency of business processes
  • Building machine learning pipelines combining open source libraries and cloud-based machine learning services
  • Automating feature selection and optimizing models
  • Ensuring ethical AI practices, including testing for outcomes and biases and fair, comprehensive and inclusive data collection practices, application of frameworks, methods, guidelines or assessment tools to test datasets and outcomes
  • Architecting scalable, cloud-based web applications


You have worked with some or all of the following technologies:

  • TensorFlow, SpaCy, Scikit-Learn, etc.
  • Cloud-based AI/ML services (e.g. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, etc.)
  • Python, Django and/or Flask
  • Linux


As the Head of AI and Machine Learning, you will be expected to:

  • Support the CEO with advise on the overall AI/ML strategic direction
  • Lead the recruitment of talent needed to build out a sophisticated AI/ML engineering team
  • Support business development efforts by participating in strategic meetings, contributing to presentations, documentation, and participating in technology demos
  • Develop functional products and solutions to solve client challenges

How to Apply:

Send us your resume and link to your GitHub account.